At home

My first post on my new blog…..woot.

It seems the most recent excitement in my life occurred over Christmas break when I went to Pennsylvania an NYC.

My  mom,  step-dad, step-niece, and I all left for Pennsylvania on Dec. 28th and it was amazing. We saw family, visited te 300 year old farmer’s market and ate amazing food you can only get in Pennsylvania. But as much fun as it was, in my mind, it was all a count down to Sunday when we left for  NYC.  I felt like I was home the entire time I was there. I didn’t like going in the hotel because I didn’t want people to know that I was indeed a tourist. So, because if I attempt to describe everything I did in NYC and how it made me feel this will be the longest post to date from me which we all know will be pretty lengthy. So, here is a snapshot:

Window displays at Saks and Macy’s, Trump Tower, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Radio City Rockette’s Christmas Spectacular (which included an absolutely beautiful living nativity), Cute pizza parlor, Touristy souvenir shop, Today show, confetti wishes, Matt Lauer waving at us, Random people yelling “Go Tigers” as we walked around in our orange, mom’s Birthday, Lunch at an over priced TGI Friday’s on 5th Avenue, truly surprising mom, Times Square for 9 hours,  Hannah Montanna (which will thankfully make my step-niece’s best friend jealous), sharing fries with stranger, random people making out in front of us, Ice skating at Rockefeller Center, Olive Garden and Hershey’s Store at Times Square, Central Park, Lunch in Central Park, Belvedere Castle, Build-a-Bear, Toy-R-Us, indoor Ferris wheel ride, Little Mermaid on Broadway, cast autographs, Sherie Rene Scott, 13 hour car ride home, and lots of picture developing:)

NYC  was wonderful. There was a slight reality check….i.e. rude people who I am happy to say we did not have to encounter 2.5 years ago when I first went to NYC but what is great is that I don’t care…..rude people or not, I just felt like I was home.

So, much more to update you all on and I will try not to take too long. This is the blog that I will most likely have when I move to NYC so bookmark it and leave comments:)

love and hugs


One thought on “At home

  1. Wow, its very pretty over here in your new blog! We will surely miss you in Xanga-land, but I think this place fits you…

    Your NY trip sounds amazing! I’m jealous of several parts… Particularly seeing Little Mermaid on broadway and Ice skating at rockefeller center. I’ve only been to new york for a couple of days, and I’m thinking when you get settled in up there, I should come as a housewarming visit. 😀

    Well, I hope to see you sometime soon!

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