Hello again! So, I have discovered that one person definitely reads my blog on a regular basis and I think there are others I’m slowly sucking in. lol.

So, some occurrences in my life before and after break have spurred on some personal resolutions for me. I suppose calling them New Years resolutions is appropriate although I didn’t necessarily decide to do these things on New Year’s Eve. Anyway here is what I have promised myself:

I will be honest with everyone (not that I ever lie but just not afraid to speak my mind when appropriate)
I will not suck up to anyone. I don’t really think this is a huge problem for me but I’ve discovered that I unintentionally suck up to some people in my life and it’s really not necessary. In fact, I think it has only promoted negative behavior in the long run so I’m gonna stop.

I feel like there’s more but I’m really tired so I’ll try to update again soon…especially now that I know people read my blog:)

Hi, Laura!:)


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