….KCACTF. Anyway, that stands for the Kennedy Center AMerican College Theatre Festival which Clemson hosted a few weeks ago. Anyway, it was incredibly tiring and tons of work leading up to it but a really great experience. I made some great connections, went to wonderful workshops, got cast in a 10 minute play, and acquired some new facebook friends. It also made me really want to go to grad school. I mean I’ve wanted to go a few years after undergrad and still do but seeing all the shows from the different schools (good and bad) reaffirmed for me that grad school is indeed something I want to do.

So, other than that I’ve been busy with school. I’m co-directing the Vagina MOnologues and it is so much fun. Definitely keeping me on my toes but so worth it. I’ve had some drama in the drama department lately but I have learned a lot from my experiences. The most recent thing that happened is that I didn’t get cast in Earnest which I could really go on about but I will sum it up with the following.

I was super sad about not being cast because it was my last chance to be cast in a show at Clemson. Since not getting cast though (although I must admit my audition was fun and I did get a call back) but I have realized that the good thing is that I never have to feel sad about not being cast in a show at clemson again. It is actually very liberating in its own way so while I’m still dissapointed and could go on forever I won’t. I have my freedom!

 So, I definitely feel like there’s more I want to type but I’m not in the blog mood as much as I thought but I wanted to give an upate. I drew some fun doodles in my Chaucer class today so I’ll post those this weekend:)

love and hugs.


One thought on “kca….kfc….kc…ta….fct…kcac…

  1. I just want you to know that you are one of the most beautiful people that I’ve ever met. You don’t rely on gossip to keep you interesting, you never put people down to make you feel better, and you’re always willing to help people who need it (without getting walked all over). Those are very rare qualities in people, and I think that you should treasure them. I’ve never met anyone who dislikes you. How many people can say that? LOVE YOU! @—-‘–,—– <—a rose

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