Amazing Monday!

So, first of all, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!:) I hope you all had a lovely green day!

Next, I just really need to write about last Monday….AMAZING! It was seriously one of the best days of my life…I’m not kidding. Laurie and I were codirecting The Vagina Monologues which in itself was a lot fun and owrk but on top of that, Eve Ensler (author of the Vagina Monologes and Women’s activist) came to speak at Clemson on her college tour. So, Laurie and I went and picked her up from her hotel…..crazy! We had no idea what to expect…she’s done a lot of good in the world so we really couldn’t complain if she was a diva but we wanted her to be nice.

She was SO NICE! She was sincerely interested in the histroy of the show at Clemson and we had a 30-minute conversation with her….completely surreal. On top of that she was filming a documentary on this college campaign and we got to speak about our experiences and journeys with the show on camera. I just can’t even communicate to you in words what a big deal this was to me and how big of an impact i thad on me. I felt so inspired…I wanted to write, direct, act, teach, and save the world all in that moment and she was so encouarging.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough the show went SO WELL. The girls o stage had TONS of energy and were amazing. The tech crew was wonderful and did a great job too. Afterwards everyone had so many nice things to say…it was so refreshing. The girls got Laurie and I each a card signed by all of them, a plant (lillies), and wine….it was wonderful.

This blog doesn’t even begin to describe how amazing this whole experience was but I had to write about it. omg….I just want to live those hours over and over again. World, here I come!


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