Wild weekend

Just a little update for you all since I have posted in a while.

Friday: class, work, meet with professor, Greenville with Laura for a silent dinner (I love ASL!!!), Didn’t get Teach for America, felt oddly at peace about that and moved on, sang at Cabaret (a random college goal of mine) with the lovely Anna:)

Saturday: Slept in, left for home, wrecked my car, burst into tears, randomly discovered that my friend John Mark was behind me and so he and his mom stopped (thankfully) and stayed until my mom and step-dad showed up, got all of that straightened out, went out to lunch, got  a new cell phone, saw my pets, brought Cocoa to Clemson for a visit, watched a movie with Tori and went to bed:)

Sunday: Ate breakfast at MoeJoe’s, DCF for church (They had their annual gallery which is always amazing), did homework all day, went to the Botanical Gardens with Laura and Cocoa, did more work, watched my favorite tv show, slept:)

P.S. I’m now driving a large white Chevy truck….it’s kinda sexy. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself to make up for the fact that it loves to drink up the gas.

School’s almost over!!!!

ASL Exam
Research proposal
Stage Combat Scene
Production Studies Test
Chaucer Exam
Shakespeare take-home exam


2 thoughts on “Wild weekend

  1. OMG you called me Tori is this post! Bweeehee, you’re starting to know me too well. Past the Victoria persona. Ha!

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