What an update!

Long time no post. Anyway, time for a few updates.

The day after the Swell Season Concert I went to Minneapolis, Minnesota with my mom to shop at the Mall of America. This was part of my graduation gift from my family and it was awesome. My mom and I had a really great time! We walked the entire mall, spent a lot of money, explored downtown Minneapolis, rode the rides in the indoor amusement park at the mall, and had good quality mother, daughter time. I never realized before how much like my mom I am…..crazy.

After we got back I went to the Reserve to fill out paper work because I was supposed to waitress there but they kept messing up my schedule and the communication was horrible so our of frustration I went job searching again and got a job at the second place I went to…..a preschool literally two minutes from my house so I have been working there for about a month now and even though its hard sometimes I generally like it.

As many of you know I was in Alice in Wonderland at the children’s theatre and even though I had about 3 weeks of work, rehearse, sleep repeat and every few days spend insane amounts of money on gas, it ended up being a great experience. I got to know some pretty cool people, got out of my comfort zone, and I feel like a much better singer and actor for it. The little kids that came to see the show were soooooo cute. I signed so many autographs and it was just amazing. A lot of my friends came to see it (thanks to those) and it was great to see all of them! One little girl who’s playbill I signed came up to me and said “Hi, Alice” in the cutest most awe struck voice. She was dressed like Alice and was wearing a pin that had a picture of Alice from the movie on it and she showed it to me and said, “look, it’s you!” So freaking cute! There were also a few girls who said I was their favorite Alice and/or their favorite part of the show which just made my day. 

This past week I taught drama camp at CLT to 3-5 graders. My group of kids were pretty good. They listened well and were a lot of fun. I really loved working with them and I think they all had fun. The parents gushed and I loved the whole experience so while I loved it I’m kinda relieved now because the only thing I have on my plate right now is work and I haven’t had that in a loooooooong time! 

Ok, deep breath! This is a long post but a lot has happened since my last post. I apologize for the lack of good writing this post probably contains but now you’re up to date. I will try to update more frequently from now on.

Love and hugs:)


2 thoughts on “What an update!

  1. hey girl! sounds like you’re having fun. sorry the reserve didn’t work out! 😦 but the preschool job sounds more fun anyway. good luck moving to new york, woo hoo!

  2. Hey Elizabeth!!
    Sorry we haven’t been able to hang out recently, but I was gone for the weekend. We will definitely have to get together soon. (as far as I know, I will have tue-thur off this week 🙂

    Oh, and once again, Alice and Wonderland was beautiful and so much fun!!

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