As I was driving home from my last night out in Clemson I passed the recently closed Astro movie theatre-a slightly dilapidated but completely lovable landmark for any Clemson student. The marquee read “Thank you and goodbye. Closed.”

I found it very fitting. As I closed one chapter of my life, so did the Astro and written on the marquee were these simple elegant words that were completely fitting in that moment. I owe thanks to so many people, places, and events in Clemson.

Goodbye is what I said that night to my friends in Clemson. I said it the night before to my friends from work and high school and I said it two days later to my family and pets. Goodbye is a strong word because I will be seeing my friends again, many of them sooner rather than later, but I did say goodbye to that part of my life. I realized that I will not always live within a one hour radius of all of my friends and even if I moved back (I’m not) someone else would move away.

Closed perfectly defined those last few days in Clemson and Walhalla. I am not closed off to anyone but a certain period in my life ended and since then a new one has begun. I live in New York City and now have 3 days to put towards my New Yorker card. 

What I’ve learned:
Little girls really do have lemonade stands on the sidewalk

You can have a yard sale in the city

Old men do gather in the park to play chess and if a game gets really good, they will abandon their own activity to watch. 

A September Evening in a park in New York falls somewhere between delight and perfection


2 thoughts on “Astro

  1. what beautiful descriptions, liz! it’s so nice to enter into a new place in life with confidence and peace.

  2. 🙂

    do the little girl’s mommies sit out with them?
    seems kinda scary for a small child to be out on the street in NYC.

    You should take a picture of the men playing chess… 😀

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