Making it work

I just read that apparently on Project Runway, one of my favorite shows, the guest judge for the finale episode was to be Jennifer Lopez. Turns out that she had a foot injury and dropped out though. I must admit I don’t know how a foot injury prevents from sitting in a chair and judging a fashion show, but to each his/her own. 

Anyway, since she dropped out Project Runway had to find someone to replace her at the last minute and so Their very own Tim Gunn will be sitting in the judging chair. I’m so excited! I always thought having him as a judge would be amazing and if Project Runway went down the tubes I would still tune in to see him. He is just one of those fabulous people that you can’t help but like.

In case you’ve never seen Project Runway, this is him and I would highly recommend tuning in sometime:)


One thought on “Making it work

  1. Speaking of fashion, I went to Anthropologie today in Atlanta and thought about you. I wanted everything, but bought nothing. I’m waiting to come flirt with a certain sexy sales clerk I know up North. ^.~

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