It has been a long time since I’ve posted an actual update on me so for all you crazy kids out there checking my blog every five minutes, here you go…..just kidding….but seriously, and update on me….here it goes.

Work: Babysitting, Selling Merchandise for the new Musical Billy Elliot

Church: Redeemer Presbyterian, amazing Fellowship Group, Actors group and Inter Arts Fellowship when I can

Acting: Not yet, planning to go my first auditions this month, still saving money for new headshots but new headshots or not, my day job is set so I need to get out there and follow my dreams

Watching: Brothers & Sisters, The Hills

Listening to: Show tunes

Loving: My Birthday….t-minus 2 days!

Missing; my mom….she came to visit me and it was awesome but she’s on her way home now

Wishing: Clemson was much closer to NYC

Looking forward to: My Birthday on Tuesday!!!! It’s also election day which I am pretty excited about, too:)


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