Today at Billy Elliot we had a couple celebrities. Jerry Stiller was there with his wife. Also, in the crowd was David Duchovny with his wife Tea Leoni (they brought their kids).

Jerry Stiller looks just like he does on TV. I didn’t see Tea but someone else did….apparently she’s gorgeous. I expected nothing less. David is much taller and thinner than I realized.

After intermission one of the bartenders came out and apparently David told him that he thought I was very pretty. I don’t know what context this was said in but I’m just taking it as a nice pure compliment because that makes me happy.

It’s always fun to get compliments but getting them from celebrities (even indirectly) can be fun:)


One thought on “Compliment

  1. I just found your blog, thanks for the post. Did you get any pics of David and/or Tea? If yes, please share! 🙂

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