Only in New York

Last week my friends Ginno, Bret, and I went to Barnes and Noble for a performance and CD signing with Liza Minelli. I have to say that in general I’m not a devout Liza fan but I thought it would be fun and I’m all for seeing such icons in person. Here are a couple pictures:


Liza signing CD’s


Liza performing:)


Ginno and I saw Equus that same week. Alas I couldn’t get close enough to Mr. Radcliffe to get an autograph (Thank HP fans who didn’t even see the show only wanted their HP books signed) but I did get a good picture. The show was fabulous by the way:)


Have you ever been riding on the Subway and thought to yourself, “Gee, I really need a life change?” Well, apparently you should be a monk. At least that’s what this ad on the Subway said. 


I went to an audition (didn’t get seen but that’s not the point) and it seems NYU was having auditions for their Theatre program. That’s all well and good but they used the wrong “there.” I think they were aiming for “They’re” and someone got it terribly wrong. Moral: Do not go to NYU for spelling/grammar. Yeah.


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