Only in New York

This is one of the best Craigslist ads I’ve personally seen. Why you would take this position, I don’t know but to each his/her own. Here is the text of the ad and the link. Enjoy:)



I live on the upper west side. I want to go to the gym in the morning. I oversleep. 

I want to achieve my goals so much that I want someone to stop by my apartment (102 and Broadway) and verify that I am upright and eating breakfast and wearing gym clothes. 

This needs to be done at approximately 8 am Monday through Friday. 

I can pay $6 a day ($30 a week) just for you to stop by for 30 seconds. 

please specify the time you can stop by and if it is on your way to work or if you live in the neighborhood and write a few quick sentences about you and what you are doing for work etc. 


  • Compensation: $6 a day /$30 a week
  • This is a part-time job.

make sure I get up at 8 am.


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