So she updates

Finally, right?


I love blogging.



I’m just not very good at consistent blogging.  


I am going to work on that.

Along with a few other things.

Case in point:

goals (in no particular order): 
update blog consistently
be more creative
read more
get my money’s worth from netflix
summer shopping
find a new apartment (preferably a perfect one but I’ll settle for almost perfect:))
plan a few summer getaways
    – SC 
audition more 
send more postcards 

What you can gather about my life so far from this list: I have auditioned at least some, I haven’t been shopping in a long time, my lease is ending, I now have friends all over the country, I love movies, I just don’t watch them enough but that means I’m busy which is happy:) I like being busy.

aaaand Central Park is amazing.

aaaand I’m on a softball league. Betcha never saw that one coming. 

Oh, and my church fellowship group is one of the best things ever:)



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