A little recap

I should have gone to bed 30 minutes ago. But what’s the point in trying to go to sleep if you’re not sleepy?

A little update: My mom came to visit me 1.5 weeks ago and brought my dog Cocoa to join the NYC fun. She is adorable and is now a resident of Astoria!

I got to go to the Billy Elliot Tony’s after party and the Tony’s viewing party at the theatre! I had a lot of fun – free food, free drinks, Bobby Flay’s food, Mac and cheese, corn bread, pictures with some of my favorite people, and I was within a few inches of a Tony when I took a picture with Greg Jbara.

I like my new apartment! I live in a very convenient neighborhood and since I don’t have to use the L train anymore getting places takes much less time. My roommates are both really nice and they both love Cocoa!

In case you didn’t know I am on the Billy Elliot softball team. I am not athletic but I thought it would be fun and I was right! I love the games! And now I can take Cocoa with me:)

It has rained in New York for around 2 weeks now. It has not rained in Seattle for a month. Not fair! Softball has been cancelled for the past 3 weeks because of rain. I need sun! I think the weather might have me in a little bit of a funk. Some vitamin D never hurt anyone.

Also, you should go here http://www.gregjbara.com and search my name. It’s pretty cool! (In case this came up in your Google alerts again, Hi, Barb!)



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