I have 3 auditions this week that I was called in for. Thank you, Actors Access!

1: Auditioned this morning with a my true and faithful monologue from Seascape With Sharks & Dancer by Don Nigro. I didn’t knock it out of the park, but it was decent. I’ll take that.

2: I was just called an hour ago to audition tomorrow evening for a musical. Well, at least a play with music. I submit myself for acting work all the time so I don’t recall all the details but they e-mailed me sides and music. Singing is scary. Too bad. I will never conquer my fear if I don’t face it. So here’s to learning a song on my own in 24 hours and then presenting it for a group of strangers with the hope it looks (or in this case sounds) like I know what I’m doing.

3: Thursday I am auditioning for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I have to do a monologue or tell a story dealing with ghosts. I am planning on doing one of Ophelia’s monologues from Hamlet. I should memorize that.

I am about to start rehearsals for 2 one act plays I have been cast in through a theatre company I recently auditioned for and was accepted into. I am not working much this week because my regular babysitting job ended. But I’m starting orientation tonight for an ushering job at Lincoln Center. The pay isn’t awesome but it’s a paying job in the arts.

I just booked my bus ticket for a weekend in DC later this month:)

Stuy town still hasn’t given me my deposit money back. Grrr! Don’t live there. They’re stupid with money.

I need to see Avenue Q before it closes but between rehearsing, auditioning, and, oh yeah, working I’m not sure when that is going to happen. I think it’s a good thing I’m not working so much this week. Yes, it means being poor right now but I have a little less to juggle. Or maybe I’m just juggling different things. Too bad the new things I’m juggling don’t pay.

I finished Breaking Dawn on the train today. Now I should probably read a real book;)

No more reading until after my auditions are over this week. I Have to focus on preparation. Oddly, as much as I love acting I always seem to put off the prep it requires.

Point in case: this blog post.

I saw Julie & Julia on Sunday….amazing!!!! Then I went grocery shopping. Smart!? Well, I didn’t buy everything in the store but I definitely looked at food with new curiosity. So today I used my Barnes and Noble gift card (Thanks, Nicole!) and bought The Joy Of Cooking. I really wanted to buy a Julia Childs book but I figured I should get some basics down before I venture into boning ducks and what-not.

Also my first celebrity crush, Jonathan Taylor Thomas is 28. Where does the time go?

❤ you always, JTT!

Edit: I now have an interview at a temp agency tomorrow! Things are looking up for the bank account:)


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