The Hunt

I have been job hunting. I have applied for lots of jobs. Jobs that I am actually excited about. Not a lot of response this week though:(

But, it’s okay because I now have 2 interviews lined up for next week, still work at Billy, and some theatres where I usher that had been closed are opening back up this month. That in addition to some sporadic babysitting and savings has allowed me to not stress about money.

*knock on wood*

I am very fortunate. But, I am very excited to have a slightly more stable income.

And one job I already interviewed for wants to hire me but they don’t have a position open for me right now. (Why interview then, right? But still,it’s nice to know that they could call me anytime:))

One of my interviews is with a babysitting service which at first I was unsure of as I was kind of trying to steer myself away from babysitting as a job I depend on. But, I like kids, there’s nothing wrong with it, and it pays well. I am leaning more towards doing on call babysitting as opposed trying to work regularly for one family. Yes, it means a little less guarantee of what I will be paid each week but if this service has enough business then it should still provide me with a pretty stable income and give me the flexibility I have become accustomed to over the past weeks.

The reason for the hunt: I was babysitting regularly for a family but that need went away. I totally understand and was/am fine with that.

It’s funny because a year ago at this time I was also job hunting so it made me wonder how far have I really come. But I think it proves I’ve come pretty far.

This time around, had more savings so less income wasn’t a huge deal for a couple months, I also had contacts so I have been able to do some sporadic babysitting that has really filled in major income gaps. I also saw it as an opportunity to see what else was out there for me to do while I pursue acting.

As I said, it seems I may end up babysitting again anyway, but if that’s my worst case scenario then I’m totally fine with that:) Besides, someone told me that Jenna Fischer (The Office) once said she lived the way she did while auditioning because she knew that wasn’t her future. I feel the same way. Where I am now is fine (and whether I like it or not) it’s not necessarily my future. There are other good things coming my way. I just have to be patient. Easier said than done.

Also, I have been going to a lot of auditions, catching up on some life stuff (cleaning, organizing, errands, and such), and writing more. I have also had more time to practice for my voice lessons, and yesterday I filled out an application to volunteer at the American Cancer Society which I’m pretty pumped about:)

Of course, I still need a job (especially come November) but it seems that good things are on the Horizon and I think this feeling I have walking down the street in NYC is somewhere in the neighborhood of happiness. A far cry from me this time last year (I was happy to be here but not sure how to make a life for myself). I think in the process of finding a job I found a little bit of myself:)

Oh and Memphis The Musical is amazing! Just in case you’re looking for a good show to see:)


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