The Time Traveler’s Wife

It is the start of a new series on my blog. After I finish a book I am going to post my thoughts here- not necessarily reviews, just my ideas about what I read.

I finished reading The Time Traveler’s Wife earlier this week. I enjoyed reading the book but I was not nearly as obsessed over it as a lot of my friends were.

Spoilers! If you keep reading I am probably going to be talking about things that totally give the book away so if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now.

The story didn’t completely grab me until Henry and Clare got married. That was the point where I started wondering what would honestly happen next. The first half of the book was good, it just didn’t grab me though.

Henry time traveling and meeting Clare when she is 6 is kind of weird. I mean, Henry is a completely decent character and the author did her best to not make it awkward or creepy (because Henry’s not that kind of guy) but since Henry time travels naked (you can’t take your clothes with you) it was still a little weird.

I wish the end of the book had talked more about Clare’s life. Henry wrote Clare a letter telling her not to mark her life by his absence. Two years after his death Clare (who is an artist) revisits her art studio for the first time since his death. It seems as though those 2 years probably were marked by his absence. I can accept that. Grieving is different for everyone. Then it jumps to when Clare is 82 and meeting Henry again. So, did Clare actually live her life or did she live to see Henry one last time? I suppose I should draw my own conclusion but I felt like this weakened Clare as a character in the book.

Also, at one point Henry time travels into the future which is rare for him. He meets his daughter when she is older and finds out that he has died. Clare only sees Henry as he is disappearing but she still gets to see him. This was never revisited from Clare’s point of view. If she was so anxious to see him again seems like that would be an important moment in her life.

Overall a good read, Am I obsessed? No. But I’m glad I read it.


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