Shrek, Time Stands Still, Bye Bye Birdie

It is the first installment of my “do one thing you can only do in NYC each week” series:)

This week I am going to recount a few Broadway shows I have seen recently. I will try to do some other small “only in NYC” event as well this week but I have decided that Broadway shows will count in this series because Broadway only exists in NYC.

So, diving right in!

Two weeks ago I saw Shrek. It was super cute. I had a lot of fun at this show and finally got to see Sutton Foster perform live as Princess Fiona. She is amazing. Of course. The guy playing Shrek (don’t remember his name…sorry) was good but Shrek is suppose to have a Scottish accent in the show and he was only Scottish about 50% of the time. Donkey was amazing! I heard some people say he was too much in the show but I thought he was one of the best parts – totally committed, great acting, and hilarious! And Christopher Seiber who played Lord Farqaurdt was brilliant! Another huge bright spot in the show. If you see this show on tour, don’t go in expecting it to change your life, but if you go expecting a light hearted, fun time then you won’t be disappointed.

Last week I saw Bye Bye Birdie with my friend Ryan. There were some bright spots. I liked Allie Trimm who plays a teenager from the 1950’s obsessed with the singer Conrad Birdie. Also, I thought the set was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, that is pretty much where the bright spots end. Gina Gershon’s performance was flat, and there were a lot of jokes that got lost in awkward moments. John Stamos was definitely working hard at his role which I appreciate (really, I do!) but I think he was directed in a way that made it look like he was trying to copy Dick Van Dyke. Nobody should copy Dick because he is one of a kind. Overall, the issue with this show was just bad direction. It had a lot of potential and somewhere along the path back to Broadway it got a little lost.

Last night (also with Ryan) I saw Time Stands Still. I bought tickets because I read that Laura Linney was in it. She was fabulous…..of course. Also in the show is Alicia Silverstone. I, of course, remember her from Clueless. Who doesn’t? But I don’t think that’s a movie you can really judge her as an actress in (although she’s very good.) Besides, it was a long time ago. I was pleasantly surprised to discover what a great actress she actually is. Her timing and delivery were wonderful. The play is now starting its second week of previews and I have to say it is in pretty good shape. There were a few things in the play itself I found inconsistent but overall I really liked it. It is a great story and the performances were spot-on.

Next to see: God of Carnage, A Little Night Music, and South Pacific.

I am ushering Finian’s Rainbow this week too so I’m pretty excited to see that. Since it’s work it won’t count as part of my series but I will still post a blurb about it.

Peace and love


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