Only in New York…..can you eat food from the Delta….?

Here we go!

Of course you can eat food from the Delta elsewhere. Like Mississippi. But How many cities/states offer such food? Well NYC does. You can get almost any type of food in NYC which is one thing I love about this city.

On Saturday between jobs I went to Delta Grill on 9th Ave and 48th St. (I think). I ordered the seafood gumbo and waffle fries. The gumbo was not as flavorful as I was hoping. But the waffle fries.

Oh the waffle fries!

They were a little slice of heaven during a hectic day. I highly recommend them.

This is the after picture of my food:

My friend ordered one of the “po’ boy” sandwiches. I didn’t try it but I must warn you: It was the size of my face! I’m not kidding. Great to order if you love leftovers like I do:)

Tomorrow I am going to another restaurant I have never been to before and a concert which will most likely serve as my “only in New York” event for this week.

More to come soon.

love love love.


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