Ella Enchanted

Well, it took me long enough to finish this book. Actually, this has nothing to do with the book itself. I just did not make the time for reading I typically do.

Yes, Ella Enchanted is a children’s book but it was given to me for my Birthday, a classic, and a story I had never read before.

It full of fancy and does not try to justify or ground itself in anything resembling reality. There are giants, ogres, elves, etc. I always love stories that commit to fancy and fantasy and do not try to ground themselves in reality whether they are books, movies, or TV shows.

The story has a lot of similarities to Cinderella but as long as you can accept that and not agonize about which story came first and who copied who then this is a great read for kids (or adults who enjoy a lighthearted children’s book once in a while.)


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