A Swell Concert (pt. 2): Photos

Josh Ritter the opening act. He's blurry but he was amazing:)

Set Change

Beginning of concert. Love the intimacy they create even in huge venues.

The Swell Season and The Frames on stage. Perfection.

Marketa is so shy and humble. Just adorable.

They switched places. So multi-talented!

Glen on stage by himself. He told such great stories during this time. This is where he stepped away from the mic and sang. He got a well deserved standing ovation.

Rocking out on a guitar like I've never seen anyone rock out on a guitar!

Awesome Sax player:)

Taking a well deserved bow!

Bruuuuuuce! (read previous entry for explanation) Encore!

Me, Megan, and Marketa Irglova:)

Glen Hansard! He's blurry but still amazing!

Signed set list compliments of their amazing tour manager!


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