Well hello, world!

Long time, no blog. How are you today?

Since my last post lots has happened. I went home for Easter…a much needed relaxing getaway to see family and friends in the deep South!

I also saw a couple Broadway shows: Everyday Rapture and Next Fall. I highly recommend both.

Also, after a few weeks of bipolar weather it is finally sunny in NYC! Actually, today was almost too sunny but I will take that over the rain and cold:)

Softball started again! I play for Billy Elliot (even though I don’t work there anymore, I just love the people!) Yesterday was our first game and we played Lion King. They beat us by one point but we weren’t too upset because they are a REALLY good team that beat us twice last year and we played well.

Actually, I wasn’t upset at all because I played one of my best games ever. I not only hit the ball but made it to home base….definitely a milestone for me! It is just a matter of ALWAYS keeping your eye on the ball. Hopefully I can keep it up. I also slid into first base and home plate. I really like sliding. I might be a little over zealous with it but I figure better sliding than sorry, right?

I was on a “move back to Manhattan” kick recently. If you don’t know, I live in Astoria, Queens, just across the East River. I finally figured out though that I wasn’t taking full advantage of where I live. It is very convenient and there are actually a lot of great little shops and restaurants around here. If I end up back in Manhattan at some point that is great but honestly, I am really beginning to like my little corner of the city. I would like to live closer to Astoria Park because I miss grass sometimes but otherwise, I really can’t complain.

I am also taking a new philosophy when it comes to auditioning. I am fortunate enough that I do get called in for a lot of stuff via my online submissions and of course in addition to that there are always auditions you can just go to and hope to get seen. I think for a while I was spreading myself too thin and so now I am really working on just going to the auditions I really care about and/or get called in for and giving a great audition as opposed to going to loads of auditions and giving a bunch of mediocre performances.

One of my goals for the summer is to take at least one acting class. It has been a while since I have been able to really dig into a role and I think a class that lets me do that along with sharpening my acting skills that have surely become somewhat dulled sans training the last year and a half will help put the passion back into auditioning for me. I don’t know what class or where yet but I have been doing some research/talking to people and have a few ideas about what I would like to do. I am very excited.

I have been taking voice lessons which I love and I am about to get back into dancing. I took some classes last year at this time and then life sort of took over and I got out of the habbit so I want to get back into that. Nothing crazy, probably just one class/week or something…just to help me get/stay in shape and when you’re an actress any kind of voice/movement/dance training is beneficial.

I am also writing a lot more which is exciting. My friend Pep and I came up with some ideas for things we would like to write and are working on them. It is nice to have that as another creative outlet. I have always loved writing but did not always make time for it so now that I am accountable to someone else I have to write which I like. It is also great because then if I am not auditioning a lot I still feel like I am doing something to propel me towards my goals.

well, I think that is it for this blog post….it is definitely long enough. I will write again soon. Do not want to become a blogger who never actually blogs.

Also, I added some links to more professional blogs I read to the right. Hope you enjoy them!

Love love love


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