I believe in love

“Love, love, love. That is the soul of genius.”
~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This is one of my favorite quotes and I do not think it could be more appropriate to use than today. I usher for Hair on Broadway and today is its closing show performance.

Hair is about so many things: life, freedom, hippies, war, the draft, friendship, romance, rights, but above all it about love. It is about loving each other and ourselves enough to follow our hearts without judgement from or towards others.

When the original cast gave their final performance because they were leaving to mount the show in London, the love in that theatre was beyond anything you could imagine and I have no doubt that although different, today will also be so full of love.

I would like to express my gratitude to the hippies of Hair past and present for showing me the love and instilling a little hippy in me. I will miss everyone’s smiling faces and the routine that comes from working a show 8 times a week. Here are a few small but meaningful things I will miss.

1. Coming in through the stage door and having to walk through the orchestra’s room to get to front of house and saying hey to the musicians. I don’t know all of their names and I doubt they know mine but when you see them eight times each week, it is easy to become friendly.

2. Singing along with them as I leave the theatre during an early shift. On my way out the door I am usually singing along under my breath. I don’t know why but why not?

3. When I am in my normal spot in the mezzanine, Erkia (a tribe member whose tribe name I am not sure of) always says hey to me on her way back to the stage after singing Hair. She is just the sweetest.

4. Sitting around with the other ushers in the mezz pre-show talking about anything and everything. Of course when another show opens in our theatre this will be the normal again, but still, four months without it is going to be strange.

5. Talking about food with my two fellow mezzanine ushers all the while complaining about being hungry during walk-in.

6. When someone messes up on stage and the cast knows it but the audience does not. I know messing up isn’t good but having seen the show so many times, the ushers also usually notice it and it is like this little secret between all of us.

7. Audience member reactions when the hippies start getting naked at the end of act one. Some people don’t realize this is in the show until the clothes have come off and watching their faces is priceless.

8. Margaret Meade. If you know the show this does not need explaining and if you do not know the show there is no way I can do the character justice by explaining it here. She is the best. And of course, Josh who plays her is just the sweetest!

There are so many more memories but to list them would take my whole morning. I am sure to post more after today with what should be a wonderful, bitter sweet time full of love at the hippie house. I will always be grateful for the love.

This theatre is my living room!


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