Hair grows!

I do not want to go into too much detail about the closing of Hair on Broadway because I feel that it will become a laundry list of things that happened and will not do the closing show the justice it deserves.

There was so much love in the Hirshfeld Theatre on Sunday!

Here are a few of my favorite moments:

Before the show even started and the actors began getting into place (some of them have to come into the mezzanine to get to their places and others you can see meandering behind the scrim) and the audience gave them a standing ovation just for that. Let the love ensue!

Opening number of “Aquarius” (Standing ovation, so many tears from the cast and the audience)

Seeing Nick and Emma (two of the shows swings) sitting on the stairs (because it was sold out and there was nowhere else to sit:)) singing along, taking in every single moment.

The scene before “I got Life” (one of my favorite numbers in the show and for that reason another favorite moment. Thank you for riffing it up, Kyle!). Josh (who plays Claud’s dad) and Rachel (who plays Claud’s mom) are in this scene. It was obvious (at least to me) that Rachel was holding back tears most of the time and as Claud began singing, I saw Rachel and Josh make eye contact. After the song Mom comes back onstage and tells Claud, “And ya got a lot of nerve, baby!” Of course she had to wait longer than usual because most of the audience was on its feet and then she quietly delivered her line. Claud’s response is to sing “And I’m gonna spread it around the world, mother,” at which point Mom rolls her eyes and walks off stage. Well, Rachel just gave him a little smile, patted his arm and strolled off. Writing about it does not do the moment justice. It was so small but so beautiful. Ask me to tell you about it in person sometime.

“Hair” (standing ovation)

After “Hair” when Erika comes down from the mezzanine (as I mentioned in my previous post) and this time we exchanged a huge hug. She is the sweetest.

“Good Morning Starshine” brought the realization that the show was almost over for the last time. Also, during this number the swings (of course no one was out for the final show) came onstage in costume and joined the rest of the cast for the remainder of the show. (I actually did not notice the swings onstage until the curtain call but regardless, so happy everyone was a part of this).

Curtain call – To see everyone taking their final bows with tear stained faces so full of love and gratitude and the audience returning that love was amazing.

Dance Party – At the end of each show audience members are invited to dance on stage. Needless to say it was a full stage and there were people everywhere trying to get on and literally climbing onstage. During the dance party the cast sings “Hair” and “Let the Sunshine in.” Well, after these two numbers ended there was massive applause but then no one moved. The audience actually started chanting “Hell no we won’t go!” which is a line from the show. The band spontaneously started playing the opening number “Aquarius” again and since they were playing Jeneatte (who plays Dionne and sings that number) started singing and there was an encore of the opening number with the entire audience dancing and singing along. Bryce who played Wolfe in the original cast was in the audience and gave the final gong that occurs at the end of the song.

All was as it should be and it was beautiful. Thanks for the love, hippies.

Also, a big thank you to my friends and mom who sent me supportive texts that day because while a closing show is a big moment for the cast it is big for everyone involved and when you usher a show eight times each week you grow attached so letting go is not easy but I cannot imagine a more perfect ending. Besides the love doesn’t end and the hair grows so yes the show is over but its message is not.


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