Go Mets!

Ryan and I went to our first Mets game last Monday night at Citi-Field.

I am not very good at following sports. I haven’t even watched a Clemson football game since I graduated. That statement is like blasphemy to some of fellow grads.

Anyway, I have decided to be a Mets fan. No particular reason. I do live in Queens which is where their field is located, also they are more of an underdog team than the Yankees and I like underdogs.

The only thing is I was also raised to love the Philadelphia Phillies and apparently they are big rivals for the Mets. But I figure I will just root for the Mets until they play the Phillies in which case I’ll be happy either way. That works, right?

Here are some photos from our Citi-Field adventure:

Citi field. They have everything here from dippin dots to a kosher food stand. You could live here.

Ryan and I in our seats. We were literally in the very last row. I didn't mind though because there was a wonderful breeze up there and even though the baseball players were tiny I could still see exactly what was going on.

Me in front of the field on our way back to the train.

We left in the seventh inning. The game was running longer than we expected and Ryan had a long ride home. Anyway, I was pretty tired. The score was 6-8 with the Reds beating the Mets when we left and that is the score they ended with so we didn’t miss anything.

I did not get a hotdog while I was there. I am trying not to eat a lot of meat. Although they did have soy dogs but I just opted from some yummy crinkle fries:)

Gooooo Mets!


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