Independence, year 234

First let me post some photos from July 4th.

I and some of my dear friends hung out in Astoria on a rooftop where we had a view of the Manhattan skyline.

The Macy’s fireworks display was on the West side of Manhattan. You may be thinking “Gosh, that’s a bummer since they were across from the East side of Manhattan,” but you would be mistaken. Actually the fireworks behind the skyline were pretty magnificent as the photos below (hopefully) demonstrate.

Skyline Pre-fireworks. I love this place!

Katherine, Sarah, and me. Such love ladies.

Pep and I:)

Darin and I. I didn't realize that the camera was zoomed in when Pep was taking the photo and he didn't zoom out. Luckily, it turned out pretty good anyway:)

Pep, Darin, and Wade. Don't they look like little kids?

The street from the roof. Nothing spectacular, I just like the way this photo turned out. There were some people setting off fireworks in the street but after a cop car passed by the moved to the roof.

After a lovely time on the roof we retreated back to Darin’s apartment where we played circle of death and charades:)

I should also mention that pre-fireworks Darin cooked up some yummy burgers, hotdogs, and veggie burgers. I brought desert (cinnamon sticks….one of my specialties) and of course there were the standard potato chips, beer, and cheese puffs! I had not had a cheese puff in years until July 4th. No reason, just don’t regularly encounter them which is probably a good thing for my waist line. They were delicious!

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed America’s Birthday. She’s getting up there but she looks great for her age, doesn’t she?;)


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