Text only…

WordPress and my computer still are not getting along. I was hoping to post some photos but that will have to wait until my computer and WordPress kiss and make up.

I have been in touch with support and they are trying to help me but my guess is the person who has been e-mailing with me doesn’t work weekends and I won’t hear back until Monday:(

So, here we are with no photos and although I could catch you up on my life in great detail without photos, I think it is so much more fun to have illustrations so I will just leave you with a few current obsessions of mine:)




Up-do’s (this summer has been brutal, up is the only way to wear long hair right now)

Silly Bandz (you can judge me for this. They are just so nostalgic, how can I resist?)

Creamy, cold coffee drinks

Blogs (reading and writing)

Writing for pleasure (like in a notebook or journal, developing ideas, not blogging for all to see)

Frozen Yogurt (Red Mango-which is all natural and relatively healthy on the fro-yo front – just opened by my apartment and it’s hot. Who can blame me?)

Dresses and skirts

Thrift stores


Snail Mail

Cocoa my dog (She’s just the cutest. I’m always obsessed with her:))


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