Monday Musings

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday.

Mondays are my day off each week and yesterday was kind of unique. I have a cold at the moment which was at its most intense yesterday so I decided to just take it easy. Besides, it was raining out so it really seemed like the perfect day to veg out.

My rainy day boots. It's nice to have a little cheer on my feet in such gloom.

I did run a few errands around my neighborhood though. I had a shoe that needed fixing, a check that needed depositing, and some papers that needed faxing. En route from point A to point B I noticed that a new bakery which opened up near my apartment called Cream had a sign in the widow for “buy one cupcake, get one free.” Naturally, I felt obligated to take advantage of such a bargain;)

I sprung for an Oreo cupcake and a red velvet cupcake. Yummy!

I also sprung for a little caffeine in the form of a Mocha Frappe from McDonald’s. I try not to go to McDonald’s much but these things are so tasty and cheap, I have to indulge sometimes.

My empty Frappe cup. Tasty!

After adventures in Astoria, I came home and opted for a little Oprah via Youtube. I never watched the episode when the cast of Twilight was on so I decided it was finally time. (Note: I don’t think Twilight is especially good but it is a fun guilty pleasure and I’m curious about the people behind such a phenomenon. Don’t judge.) I also had a phone date with my best friend from high school and then I was off to my voice lesson. Miraculously, this cold has allowed me to keep my voice so I was actually able to sing (knock on wood).

Here I would just like to hijack my own blog post for a moment to say:

Ok, I return to my regular post. I feel better now:)

When I got home from voice I again laid in bed where I ate dinner, watched Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix instant play (best invention since sliced bread), Finally watched last week’s episode of Glee, and read my In Style before heading off to dream land.

I must say I think my extra time of just relaxing paid off because I feel much better today. Still stuffy and tired, but less so than yesterday. Also, I can kind of taste things today. The taste buds were being a little wonky yesterday.

Perhaps Monday Musings will become my next alliteration series on my blog to go along with Fashion Fridays. Have a Tremendous Tuesday!;)

Edit: In case you were wondering why my Monday activities were so unique, the reason is that I spent so much time chilling out. I like to stay busy so this is pretty unique for my life but occasionally, it is so necessary. Also, notice how I used the word “phenomenon” when talking about twilight? It always makes me want to sing that Sesame Street song: phenomenon do dooo do do (I know that’s not what they really saw but it sounds like it.)


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