My mom’s visit

My mom came to visit me the week before my Birthday, and we had so much fun! We went to the Transit museum, the Met, Macy’s (4.5 hours, 6 floors…we’re serious about shopping), and ate lots of good food:) Below are some photos of her trip. The photos of us together are on her camera so I will have to steal them later. I don’t have any photos from our Macy’s shopping trip but I do have a credit card statement;)

Queens! I live there:)

Subway cars were much prettier back in the day, don't you agree?

Look at that rattan seating. I'm sure it didn't wear well but it was pretty comfy when I sat on it.

Even the advertising was cuter.

No air conditioning. Can you imagine summers underground during rush hour? Ew!

Armor at the Met! I wish they had real people wearing that stuff as an interactive display. It seems so fairy-tale like. And uncomfortable.

Pretty, pretty....

Monet, you always knew what to do with a water lilly.

I love a little Van Gogh in my life.

Some bamboo on the roof! You could take a guided tour through that stuff.


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