RSVP to The Dress

A while back my friend Pep and I were bumming around the city on our day off as we have been known to do. He convinced me to go into Bergdorf Goodman’s. In case you are unaware, Begdorf’s is a very high end department store also known as heaven. Needless to say, I knew that our endeavor held many dangers for my wallet so I went in with my guards up. Pep convinced me to try on some shoes, all of which were lovely but none of which wowed me. Phew! The gentleman helping us was very nice but not pushy and when I said I wasn’t interested, it was no big deal. We moved on.

We moved on to dresses, specifically Dior dresses.

There we found a dress that Pep convinced me to try on. It was so far out of my price range that buying wasn’t an option, but if I had the money I probably would have bought it. A very nice sales lady proceeded to help us which was good because the zipper on the dress got stuck (no fault of my own) so I needed her help getting into the dress.

Finally, the dress is on. And it fits perfectly. And the sales lady (such an understatement, she seems like so much more than a sales lady, yet I don’t know what you call someone who works at Bergdorf’s) was all a flutter over how well it fit.

I am standing in front of the mirror. Sales lady walks away. Pep and I ponder how to get out of buying this dress. Luckily, I am naturally an indecisive person and come up with the plan that I am deciding between this dress and another one at Saks. We are then asked if it is also a Dior as they might have at Bergdorf’s so I can compare on the spot. Of course there is no other dress so naturally, it is not a Dior and luckily, we are never forced to spill a designer name.

I change out of the dress and the sales lady puts the dress on hold for me and tells me to come back anytime and tell whoever is working that it is on her hold rack should I decide to purchase it. She gives me her business card. Phew!

Only, now I have to call her and tell her I am not getting the dress. I mean, I have decided to buy the invisible dress from Saks instead.

Potential awkward phone conversation ahead.

Thankfully for me, it goes to her voice mail so I am able to leave a very classy voice mail explaining that I went with the other dress. This way, I got to try on a beautiful dress, didn’t have to buy it, and remained on the classy list. So yes, I rsvp’d to the dress. Literally. So it goes with Dior I suppose. And let me tell you, if I had the money, my closet would be filled with Dior.

So to the lady at Bergdorf’s, thanks for your help. To Saks, thanks for existing so I can use you as an excuse.

Note to self: Enter Bergdorf’s with caution and at your own risk.

Now Pep understands why I was so hesitant to begin with. In the men’s store you can just say “no, I don’t want it,” and it’s no big deal. In the women’s store you have to either have an elaborate excuse or lots of money.

When my mom was in town the other week I found a similar dress at Macy’s that was literally 1.5% of the price of the Dior dress. Needless to say I bought that dress and here I am below wearing it on my Birthday:)

Just a note: I loved the sales lady at Bergdorf’s, and I do know her name (I still have her business card for future reference;)), but I chose not to use her real name and I didn’t feel like making a name up. She really is so much more than a “sales lady” though.

If you wanna see the dress it was the same cut as the one below but the top was green with a white/cream leaf print and the skirt was grey.

The actual dress is on Dior’s site under “ready to wear,” “autumn 2010,” “look no. 3.”

One thought on “RSVP to The Dress

  1. Wow! That is one beautiful dress, and I’ll bet you looked spectacular wearing it! That being said, it costs more than most people’s cars! Holy Moly!

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