Birthday Blessings

So, if you know me, you know how much I love my Birthday. When it gets down to about 2 months prior to my day, I start counting down, reminding people, and become relatively obnoxious about the whole thing. I really only do this because I like attention and to be honest, I love Birthday in general, not just mine. It is one day every year that everyone gets to themselves to do exactly as they please with no excuses.

I relaxed for the most part, went to Starbucks to get my free Birthday drink (the barista cheered when she saw my Birthday coupon) and then when I bought a cookie to go with she asked me something that made me wonder if we are soul mates. She said: “do you want that warmed up?” Do I want my cookie warmed up? Of course and why has no one at Starbucks ever asked me this before.

I also watched my favorite movie Love Actually and then my friend Sarah came over and we got mani/pedis and ate Mexican. That night, Ryan and I went to see Brief Encounter (a unique, beautfiul show I highly recommend) and then went to House of Brews where I had invited all of my friends to gather. It was at House of Brews that I realized how fortunate I am. So many lovely people came out to wish me Happy Birthday and I appreciated it soooooo much!

I really felt so much love on that day and I think that’s one reason I like Birthdays. The love. From the Facebook wall posts to text messages to people making an effort to see me, it was actually really humbling and I feel so blessed to have the friends I do.

I posted photos from House of Brews on Facebook but below are a couple random snapshots from the day:)

Sticky note from my roomie Tara:) It's the little things.

My Cocoa in her party dress that I'm obsessed with. I decided her gift to me was wearing tis dress all day. Isn't she the cutest?

Thank you, Starbucks! My free Pumpkin Spice Frappucino and my warm, gooey cookie:)

Me and my Cocoa puff!


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