I am finally back at my theatre ushering the Christmas musical Elf. I just have to say how excited I am to be back in my space with my people working such a fun show. I really missed my little ushering routines while I was floating around for four months at other theatres. I like having my shifts guaranteed and knowing my schedule ahead of time.

And honestly, this show is super cute and fun. If you are a Holiday person, an Elf person, or just looking for a light-hearted feel good musical, please check it out! It is playing at the Al Hirshfled Theatre through January 2nd.

This was also my first time ushering opening night of a show. I have to say how amazing the producers for the show are. We received a very nice opening night gift and the party after was classy, Christmasy, and loaded with candy….my kind of party:) And of course, the show was great. Lots of energy and excitement and so nice witness an audience that was so enthusiastic for the show and appreciated all the little things.

I also have to say how nice the cast and crew are as well. I mean, I expected as much but Sebastian Arcelus who plays Buddy the Elf wrote the front of house staff a card and gave us cookies. How sweet! (no pun intended but it works!)

I posted photos on Facebook but here are a few other random happenings from the evening:

Elf the Musical at the Hirshfeld theatre!

So excited about the desert table! Actually, it was a whole room devoted to desert!

Hershey Kisses!

My shoes!

My feather. I love that feather and love excuses to wear it:)


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