Giving Thanks

I am very fortunate to have a wonderful group of friends here in NYC! They are amazing, supportive people and I could never make it in this wonderful city without them. Many of them (along with a few new-to-me faces) were able to come over to my place for Thanksgiving and it was such a wonderful time.

This year was my first time hosting Thanksgiving so also my first time making turkey and stuffing. I have to say that both previously mentioned dishes came out very well. Thankfully….whew! Anyway, as usual I am including some photo highlights below of the occasion.

Me with the fresh-out-of-the-oven turkey

Turkey guts. Since it was my first time making the turkey it was also my first time cleaning out the innards. Yuck.

The ladies of Thanksgiving:)

Just a fun picture!

Look at that delicious bird!

There were some epic pillow fights.

So, to the left is my chalk wall and aside from a turkey, and lists of what my roomies and I are thankful for is a pretty epic drawing of I don't-know-what but it was epic.

My plate of food...mmmmm!

The Thanksgiving gang including 3 year-old Ethan who was very handy with everyone's cameras (I have many candid shots thanks to him) and my Cocoa in her Christmas sweater:)

Tryptophan kicked in and we decided to cuddle. Naturally.

A few other highlights:
Cocoa had 3 costume changes…..xmas sweater to party dress to snuggie

There was a lot of alcohol. I never considered it a boozy holiday (and it doesn’t need to be for a good time) but my friends work in theatre and many of them bar-tend so there was quite the assortment of beverages.

Having 11 other people in my apartment. Unheard of, not nearly as crowded as I thought, and all around epic!

So, needless to say I am thankful. Thankful for friends, good food, good times, holidays, love, wine, NYC, and leftovers!


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