Happy Wednesday!

Last week on Tuesday I was on my way to work and my made my usual stop at Starbucks. I picked up my bottled frappucino and went to the register. I was tired and while I like my jobs (yes, I have more than one) I wasn’t especially excited that I was going to work at all at that moment. I mostly wanted to go back to bed. Also, Tuesday is kind of like Monday for me. Monday is my day off so Tuesday means a new work week has approached and so I knew I was settling in for another very busy 6 days.

As I was about to walk away from the register after paying the guy who rang me up said “happy Tuesday!”
I responded “Happy Tuesday” in a “it’s nice you said that and it was unexpected in a fun way but really, it’s Tuesday” kind of tone.
Then he said “Anything can happen.”

As I was walking away I realized how right he was. Anything can happen at anytime. Obviously, I suppose. But I had approached my Tuesday all wrong, with dread of a long week when I was already tired. Then I thought about what he said and it really made my day. I didn’t suddenly expect anything extraordinary to happen and to be honest nothing did, but he gave me exactly what I needed for my Tuesday (something I didn’t know I needed until I had it): Hope.

And, you know what? It turned out to be a pretty good day and a pretty good week.

Cheesy? Yes. True? Yes.

So, to you I say Happy Wednesday! Anything can happen!:)

Sending you all my love.


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