Subway Sing-a-long!

Last week on my way to work I was just riding along when a million eighth graders got onto my subway cars at Lexington Avenue. Ugh! That was my first thought. I have nothing against middle schoolers but in large groups they do tend to be loud and slightly annoying when you aren’t in the mood for being surrounded by them. A little while later a guy got on and started singing “Jingle Bells.” During the song he invited everyone to join in and all of those middle schoolers who I thought slightly annoying before started singing along and since so many of them were already singing a few adults (maybe, possibly, kinda including me) joined in too. It was amazing. I never expected a “Jingle Bells” sing-a-long on my way to work but it absolutely made my day and the kids I found slightly annoying before suddenly became so endearing. Not only was I so happy to encounter so much Christmas spirit but I was also reminded the importance of never judging a person or a situation until you have encountered it. Maybe a large group of middle schoolers will annoy you, or maybe they will make your day. You really never know!:)


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