New Year, New Post

Hello lovelies!

It has been far too long since I wrote an actual blog post. I don’t count the WordPress year 2010 bog review thing. First, let me wish you a very Happy (although much belated) New Year! I hope it has treated you well so far.

As you can tell it snowed (a lot) in NYC. I kind of loved it. That occurred the day after Christmas which made me grateful a thousand times over that I scheduled my flight from SC–>NYC for Christmas day. While being stuck in SC wouldn’t have been bad by any means it’s hard to say how long I would have been there for and I also didn’t want to miss too much work.

So, onto the important stuff: Christmas and New Years!

I had a lovely time in SC with family and friends. I had dinner with some friends from high school and former movie theater co-workers. My mom made lasagna on Christmas Eve (my favorite food) and we drove around looking at the Christmas lights. Santa was good to me and I got many lovely things from my wish list.

For New Years I went to a friends apartment and then we all went to a bar on the Upper East Side. It was crowded but not too crazy (thankfully). It was just the right balance of having an excuse to dress up and feel like you’re celebrating without going crazy or spending tons of money. Actually, I don’t think New Years cost me a dime aside from my 2011 glasses and sequined shrug:)

So here we are in 2011. Madness! I must say that every year I have lived in NYC has been progressively better. 2009 was better than 2008, 2010 was better than 2009, so I can only have high hopes for 2011!

Since the New Year began:
-I chopped off all my hair. I love drastic hair style changes. I find it liberating.
-I saw Next to Normal for the second and last time. I actually, finally won a Broadway ticket lottery! If you haven’t seen this show I highly recommend it. And hurry! It closes Sunday but there’s also a national tour.
-I registered for an improv class (doesn’t start until next week but I’m pretty pumped)
-Saw a few more Christmas window displays before they all disappeared
-Took down the Christmas decorations
– Remembered it’s almost tax season and got prematurely excited about the money I’m hoping to get back
-Saw The Fighter (excellent movee….highly recommend!) I have oh so many more films to see before the Oscars. I like to be film educated for such events. haha!
-Elf closed:( Luckily, the break between shows this time is only 7ish weeks as opposed to the previous 4 months. I was ready for the change. But, I must say that everyone involved with Elf was ridiculously nice and I loved ushering it. I got to talk to a lot of cast members at the closing party and they were just the sweetest. Especially Beth Leavel. She is absolutely one of my new role models. Can’t wait to see her on stage again!

Resolutions you ask?

Well, I prefer to think of them as goals for the year. Seems more feasible as opposed to resolving to immediately do something. This way if it doesn’t happen right away, I still have time and don’t have to call it an immediate failure.

I want to:
Take more acting classes (in progress)
Go to church regularly (I know where, I just have to get my butt out of bed on Sundays!)
Learn/relearn some ASL. I took 4 semesters in college and am greatly out of practice but I truly miss it. I may take a class once I get through improv
Be more active i.e. hit the gym, take yoga, dance, something. Even just once a week. I gotta get my butt in gear!
Pay off my credit card
Be more creative i.e. write more, sing more, practice guitar more

I may be missing a couple things but I think the above list keeps my plate pretty full without being totally overwhelming. And, since I am already starting, I figure by the end of the year, I will be able to reach all of these goals plus some!

So, long post. I will wrap it up now. I hope you enjoyed. Have a wonderful 2011!

Love love love


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