Movie Mania

I love movies. I love the Oscars. Below is just a brief photo guide to the movies nominated this year and my thoughts. Enjoy:)

Great movie! I highly recommend it.

Glad I saw it. Well done for what it is but not something I can watch multiple times. It's craaaazy.

Good movie...didn't know what to expect but Annette and Julie Ann are so crazy amazing. At least watch it for them.

It's what I will be getting next from Netflix:)

This will be the next thing I see in the theater. Love you, Colin Firth!

...Followed by this....

....and then this.

Saw This when it first came out. If I had my way, it might just win best picture:)

Truthfully, this hasn't captured my attention, but I'll at least add it to my Netflix queue for future viewing. I should probably watch the original first anayway.

Almost forgot this one which is silly because I actually really wanna see it.


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