Long story short:

I took a break from acting/auditioning during the Holiday Season to enjoy the holidays and get some perspective

During that time I thought about what I really want to do with the goal of knowing by the New Year so that the New Year would be my motivation to pursue it.

I decided I want to focus on tv, film, and commercials

I spent some time actually accepting this and figuring out how to act on it (no pun intended)

I love theatre

But I currently cannot find the motivation to sit in rooms for hours on end to maybe be seen

I will come back to theatre but I need to focus on one thing instead of trying to do everything (i.e. theatre, musical theatre, tv, film, commercials…it’s too much and spreads a person far too thin. I would rather be really successful at one or two of these than mediocre at all of them).

Once I establish myself in that one thing (i.e. acting on camera) then I will spread into other areas of that field (i.e. acting on stage)

How I’m achieving these goals:

Currently enrolled in Improvisation class (highly recommended for commercial work, great way to break down inhibitions, and lots of fun)
Hoping to take an “acting for the camera” class in March
Attending a commercial workshop in a few weeks

Why I think I’ve made the right decision:

I have been getting auditions for student films since deciding and firmly pursuing what I recently decided I want
I went to a seminar a few weeks ago about how to get an agent but it really drove home the point that picking something to focus on is very important.

I feel much less scattered and much more focused. I’m also very excited and I feel like there are some really good things on the horizon.

And remember, these are just my acting goals, ideas, etc. I have other creative endeavors on the side (i.e. writing) and now I feel like I have the time to focus on that too:)

I have something related to both the acting/writing part of this in the wings but it’s in pre-production so to speak and very up in the air/I don’t want to jinx it so I’ll post on that later, when the time is right.

Stay focused!


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