She updates

Long time, no blog! As much as I love to blog, when I get busy it ends up on the back burner. Apologies for the lack of posts.

So, I just thought I would give everyone a general update on my life.

Here we go…

I am apparently the only person in the world that liked this year’s Oscars (Ok, most people agree that Anne was good) but I liked a lot of other stuff too and I now love Anne Hathaway even more than before.

I ended up seeing quite a few of the movies.
Movies I saw:

1. Black Swan
2. Blue Valentine
3. Inception
4. Toy Story 3
5. The Social Network
6. Rabbit Hole
7. The Kings Speech
8. The Fighter
9. The Kids Are All Right

I think the only major films I didn’t see that were players at the Oscars were True Grit (I’m just not a Western person. I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work for me), Winter’s Bone (I know nothing about this movie but I’m receiving it from Netflix today), and 127 Hours (I wanted to see this but there’s wasn’t much in the way of time). By far, my favorite film was The Kings Speech. I love a good period film, I love Colin Firth, and I love British accents so you can imagine that if you combine all 3 of those elements it’s like the film was made for me.

On Valentine’s Day (when I last posted) I ended up going out to dinner with some friends at a bar in midtown called Vintage. It was a fun night filled with chocolate martini’s and pasta:)

Kristy, me, and one of those delish chocolate martinis!:)

I have also been working hard on submitting myself for acting roles online and last week I had a ridiculous amount of auditions. Unfortunately, I was so tired from being so busy that they were not all my best, but it was a good experience and the fact that I had so many auditions made me feel like my plan to re-focus is a good one and the right one for me.

I also got cast in and filmed 2 student films a few weeks ago (in one weekend). They are both short films, and I have small parts but it was a great experience, and I am excited to be able to start building a reel. This week I randomly got cast in a scene from Proof that an NYU student was filming and I have to say it went really well. Everyone was super nice and it was a 3 camera set-up so that was  great experience. Also, the set was kind of awesome for a student film. NYU is legit, ya’ll!;)

I took a commercial class this week as well which was very informative. Sadly, my improv class I am taking is coming to an end this Monday. I took improv because it scared me and now I’m kind of obsessed. I am definitely going to take level 2. Although, I will probably not take for a couple of months but I am excited to actually enjoy improv now!

My theatre (the Al Hirshfeld) opened back up on Saturday and I am so happy to be back. I enjoy floating around to different theatres and seeing different shows but there is something very comforting about the stability of being in my theatre with my fellow co-workers.

Come see a fun, classic Broadway show and support theatre! And, if you're seeing this show, come say hi to me, too!

Speaking of Broadway, there are so many shows that either just started previews or are about to start previews that I want to see!

Shows to see:
1. Priscilla Queen of the Desert
2. That Championship Season (kind of on the fence with this one, but if  I have time to see it, I think it could be interesting)
3. Lombardi (Ok, this didn’t just start previews and it wasn’t on my list to begin with but I’ve only heard raves about it)
4.  Driving Ms. Daisy (Again, didn’t just open but I must see it!)
5.  War Horse (I’ve posted about this one before. I need to see it at least for the puppetry.)
6.  Catch Me If You Can
7.  Wonderland
8. Anything Goes
9. Sister Act (So freaking excited for this one!)

Wow, that’s a lot of shows to see…..I should probably get cracking on that. And, I am pretty sure others will pop up along the way that I “must” see.

Well, that should be enough updating to last you a while. I promise to blog more frequently. It seems that time management is not my thing. I’m gonna work on that. Have a great day, kiddos!


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