Winter Hibernation

NYC is cold. Duh. But starting in January it gets REALLY cold. At least, by my South Carolina standards. You expect it. And you bare it. It’s grey and cold and you spend as much time as possible inside.The same goes for February. But by the end of February it becomes painful to put your winter coat on. You want nothing more than a Spring day that doesn’t require multiple layers. Then you get this sunny, 45 degree day (not warm, but warm by NYC winter standards) and you can suddenly see the light at the end of the tunnel. March is really great for giving you more hope that Spring is close and then dashing it away with a randomly cold, snowy day. But it is progress. Now in the middle of April I feel like I am finally starting to walk in that light at the end of the Winter tunnel.

I was pretty inactive for these (January and February) 2 months. So I consider them my Winter hibernation. I spent a lot of time inside, being lame but warm and accepting that Spring was forever away, occasionally venturing out to see friends or play in the snow but mostly, these months were made for being indoors. So, I propose that everyone in NYC get these 2 months off work so we can all just snuggle under blankets, drink hot chocolate, and watch movies.

Anyway, there is no real point to this post other than to explain the mental part of Winter in NYC and also explain why I have no photos or exciting things to document from these 2 months of the year. I did do a few fun things (which I believe I have documented here, mostly in the form of movies and Broadway shows) but I have no photographic evidence that this happened. It was far too cold to consider taking photos which I am trying to make up for now by taking annoying amounts of photos!) So you’ll just have to believe me when I say I hibernated along with the rest of the city and I think it was actually good for me but now I am ready to venture out again and take advantage of the beautiful city I live in!


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