Opening Night

I have a list of posts that I have been meaning to write (I’ll eventually get around to all of them) but I thought I would start by talking about opening night of How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

The show itself was great (although the audience was kind of subdued for an opening night crowd) but let’s be honest, as much as I love the show and love opening nights, it’s the parties that I tend to really look forward to. And this party was at the Plaza Hotel! Can you say classy?

There were a lot of rumors floating around about whether or not we would be invited to the party but (thanks to the lovely producers) everyone from the front of house staff was invited:)

The party was 2 (count ’em: 1, 2) floors and included fantastic food, flowing champagne, live music, black ties, party dresses, celebrity sightings, a VIP room (that the ushers may or may not have crashed once John and Daniel left), and plenty of class!

I didn’t get to meet Daniel unfortunately but to be fair, there were tons of people there so after doing press for an hour, eating in the VIP room and I assume saying hi to a few folks, he bolted. I am sure he was exhausted and doesn’t strike me as a huge partier. I have heard only the nicest things about him so I can’t wait to meet him and be best friends;) John Laroquette stopped (because we sorta made him) and let us ushers throw a few compliments his way before leaving. He also seems lovely.

A few photos from the evening:

I'm with Tammy Blanchard who is in the show. She has done several movies too and is just the sweetest!

Crashing the VIP room!

Jenn and I. Fellow ushers!

Stealing centerpieces! Actually, they told us to take them. Yes, that's Anthony Rapp. Most random photo of my life.

And a breif list of celebrities encountered aside from John, Tammy, Anthony, and Dan (because we all know I’m a sucker for a good celebrity sighting!):

-Victor Garber
-Angelica Houston
-Bernadette Peters
-David Hyde Pierce (maybe the nicest man alive)
-Liza Minelli
-John Stamos (He looks just as good in person. And yes, I though of uncle Jesse and giggled at one point.)
-Megan Hilty (Broadway name)

Thanks for indulging me on the celebrity front. I am really enjoying working this show. Please come see it if you can!:)


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