Smorgasbord Post

Just a little update on what I have been up  to.

Seeing shows.

Shows seen recently:
-Driving Miss Daisy
-Priscilla Queen of the Desert
-The People in the Picture
-Sister Act
-Baby It’s You
-The Normal Heart

Thought: Who hires the book writers for Broadway musicals? While I have enjoyed all of these shows in one way or another, there is a lot of not-so-great-book-writing-for-musicals/music-is-way-better-than-the-book musicals out there.  I know what to do to fix so many shows’ problems. Someone should hire me. It really couldn’t hurt.  Also, there are a few directors that could use pointers. That sounds very “I’m full of myself and know better than anyone.” Not the intention. It is just frustrating to watch a show sink when you know how to keep it afloat (or at least think you do. And I mean afloat artistically, not financially). Don’t get me wrong there are some great books for musicals out there, too. And I always try to find the good in every production. This isn’t directed at one specific production, just a general though

In other news, Pep and I went to the Harry Potter exhibit in Times Square. I saw it almost 2 years ago in Chicago but wanted to go  again. Pep wanted to go. I had comps. The end.

Pep performing "expelliarmus" before entering the exhibit.

And that's me just generally excited. I blanked out on the HP spell front.

It was a fun time. The only down side is I picked the first Monday NYC’s public school Spring Break. That means we waited in line to wait in another line to wait in another line to wait in another line finally go into the exhibit. But it was free for us so I’m not complaining. It’s just a fact. Lots of lines.

I recently changed around my work schedule at my second job to work 2 days each week as opposed to 3. It means a tad less money for me but I have been super busy so having another afternoon free has been completely worth it. I am so grateful to have a job that offers me such flexibility.

I am working Book of Mormon tonight and am also hoping to work House of Blue Leaves before the Tony’s. I took a night off work this week so I am hoping to see Jerusalem and I also want to book tickets for Anything Goes. There are many more shows I would love to see but let’s be honest, I’m poor and there’s only so much time in the day. I also REALLY want to see War Horse but that will have to wait until after the Tony’s. It’s my full-price show for this season. I NEVER pay full price for theatre tickets.

And last but certainly not least……HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY! I am beyond blessed to have such a wonderful mom in my life and am so grateful for her. Love you, mom!

My mom and I when I went back South for Christmas last year:)


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