Acting Books

Recently, I finished reading these two books and I have to say, I am pretty appauled that I was never required to read either of these books during college. While I found both books very informative, I have to say that Audition felt like it was written for me. It is so informative and refreshing, reminding me of things I forgot and suggesting techniques I never thought of.

Admittedly, acting books are not the most exciting reads and it took me a while to get through both of these, but I decided to reward myself by reading a fiction book after I finish each book on acting.

Do you have any good summer reading recommendations?


One thought on “Acting Books

  1. Hi Lizzie!

    We read them many years ago, and they always seem like they were written just for the reader. Probably why they’re classics! AUDITION has some great tips, but better stories of the “famous” before they were famous. I always felt like Uta’s book was ‘high brow” and more than a little arrogant about the “art” of acting…then I did get to see her onstage once, at the end of her career. She was AMAZING!!! Uta deserved all the praise and credit she received during her life! 🙂

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