Some random thoughts for your Tuesday

I just don’t know what to write here. I think I have blogging writers block. Is that a thing?

It is now I guess.

Also, has anyone else noticed the downward spiral of customer service? Baristas who just stare at you, cashiers who tell you their register is closed after you’ve waited in line for 10 minutes. Well, I smiled at that barista and I marched up to that cashier and I got my customer service. But I shouldn’t have to work for it. You should just be nice to me. That’s your job.

So we’ve had cable a little over a month at my apartment (first time I’ve had cable in 2 years) and I am obsessed. If DVRs were people, I would buy them really nice Christmas gifts.

What am I DVRing you ask? Well, Glee, Pan Am, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl. I gave Playboy Club a shot, too but it really didn’t work out for me. Apparently it didn’t work out for anyone else either.

I am really obsessed with Instagram.

Ofelia (my “god daughter.” She’s a cat.) is very sweet and cuddly. If you knew her, you would know how amazing this is.

And I think that if acting doesn’t work out for me I would be really content being a stay-at-home dog mom. My Cocoa puff is the cutest.

Also, why did they remake Footloose? Unnecessary.

Ok, that concludes this episode of “Elizabeth doesn’t know what to write so she’s going to ramble for a while.” Hope you enjoyed.


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