Some recent rainy days got me thinking. About umbrellas.


Let’s talk about them, shall we?

In most places, carrying an umbrella is easy. It is meant to keep you dry as you travel from here to there. It’s not a thing.

But let me tell you, in New York, oh, in New York, carrying an umbrella is an art form. And one that few have yet to master. It involves strategy. There is an etiquette code that one would hope other fellow umbrella carriers would use. Typically, one is disappointed.

This isn’t a Wal-Mart parking lot. You can’t pull a Gene Kelly and swing your umbrella around with no worry of hitting anyone for miles.

You might travel blocks and blocks or be hopelessly lost in a dense sea of soggy New Yorkers with only your poor wind blown umbrella to guide you.

Oh yes, your umbrella will be wind blown. That I can almost promise you. If only it were magical, like Mary Poppins traveling via umbrella. But no, it’s not that kind of wind.

So, this post is my feeble attempt to enlighten my fellow umbrella carrying commuters.

Pay attention:
If you’re really tall, it is polite to lift your umbrella up above others as you walk past.
You should also lift your umbrella when your umbrella is the size of Texas and when you are walking by people who are umbrella-less.
Also, please be careful when timing the opening of your umbrella upon emerging from the subway station.

Mostly, this post is my plea to stop the umbrella abuse. I don’t like almost losing an eye because your umbrella is far too large for the little sidewalks. I don’t like having to lean to my left because I don’t have an umbrella and you refuse to lift your umbrella up.

Please be careful with those umbrellas. Please be aware that your umbrella may be at the height of one’s eyes. Metal prongs at eye level are unnerving.

And to all those concienscious umbrella weilders who have lifted an umbrella for me when it was appopriate, thanks! In the words of a rainy day lover, Eyore, thanks for noticing me!

On a completely different note, I am heading to Italy! But I have lots of blogging to catch up on (obviously) because I decided to write about umbrellas above all else. I felt it was important. Anyway, when I return I promise to play catch-up:)

Also, my Birthday is in 3 days! We all know how I feel about my Birthday. So, to everyone who has helped/is helping/will help me celebrate…. Thanks!!! I will blog about that when I get back, too.

Sending you lots of love and umbrella well wishes!


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