Can we talk about Emma Thompson?

I mean, let’s, shall we? I just love her and everything she does. Even the random small parts she does in random movies when you’re like, “I didn’t know Emma Thompson was in this!” She adds depth, even to those roles, don’t ya think?

Where am I going with this you may ask? Are you really just going to gush over how much you love Emma?

Why yes, yes I am. And to prove that she is gush worthy I wanted to post a video from my favorite movie Love Actually. It’s pretty heart breaking actually. But I just can’t get over what great film making it is. It’s so simple and beautiful and believable.

Here’s a little set-up for you (I guess you shouldn’t read anymore if you don’t want to know what happens but this is not the end of the film so I’m not really giving anything away).

Kinda sorta spoiler alert!

The setup: She is expecting to open the present and find a gold necklace because she saw it in her husband’s pocket after he bought it. When it turns out to be a CD, she knows exactly who he gave the necklace to (another woman) and escapes to the bedroom for a “moment.” We all have moments. But hers, well her moment is YouTube worthy. So watch and be amazed!


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