This post is about a Christmas tree named Matilda. She’s pretty snazzy and fancy and glittery and glamorous and down to earth and incredibly welcoming. Oh, that Matilda. And yes, I named my Christmas tree. I’m really into naming things this year. My iPhone is Talullah and my tree is Matilda. Besides, I think Christmas trees are kind of magical and Matilda is kind of a magical name. It was fate.

So this is her story. Matilda’s. Of the day she came home and became mine. And now she fills my apartment with whispy pine scents, and I just adore her!

Cocoa helped pick out the perfect tree.

She gets really excited about decorating the tree, too! Like mother, like daughter.

A few of my favorite ornaments: Hana brought me this from Russia when she went there on business earlier this year.

One of a set of 15 globe ornaments a co-worker gave to me last year. This isn’t a great photo but there’s a swan getting all bendy in there. It’s far more graceful in person.

An owl with mood lighting. This was my first ornament I bought for myself after moving to NYC.

School spirit! I’m not the best alum but I love Clemson for the great friend and memories it provided.

Another owl. I kind of have a thing. This is one from a set of three. He’s just the cutest.

This is from the Euro store in Florence, Italy. It’s like a dollar store, but with Euros. Amazing, right?! And my tree is pretty international. She’s cultured, that Matilda.

Almost done.

Tada! And here she is in her Christmas finest! That Matilda, I tell you. She knows how to clean up.

Merry Chirstmas!


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