Playing Catch Up (pt. 1)

Sooo….. There are a lot of things that I meant to blog about, buuuuut I never did. Which can mean only one thing: Photo recap!!!

Here is photo documentation of some pretty cool things that happened over the last year (I know!).

Joh Laraquette is taller than me even when I'm wearing heels. Obviously we were destined to be best friends.

The hand that Dan the Rad shook. Obviously, I'm 12.

How to Succeed Tony's party! These are/were some of my loveliest of co-workers.

This pose is called "The Cocoa."

The blurry people.

Watch out....she's armed!

The Charlie Brown Dance was a very important part of our celebration.

I visited Santa, Spritz, and Spruce at Santa Land!

I'm still not sure this really happened. The fact that she's wearing those and let me photograph it are both miracles.

Cocoa decided that the cat bed was hers. But that was okay because Ofelia decided to sleep in the bed with me. She didn't let me photograph that.

Cocoa's Christmas gift. Spoiled girl.

I had some girl time at a Fondue restaurant. Nom nom!

I had breakfast with this pretty lady. Thank goodness! I'm forever in need of Laurie time. Too bad Chicago and NYC aren't closer.

Julia got a Puppeteer job. Like, when people ask her what she does for a living, she can just say "puppeteer," and not, "well, I'm a bar manager but..." Must be heaven. So we celebrated.

Dan the Rad and John Laraquette left How to Succeed:( I must say, Dan's curtain speech was amazing. I will try to find a video of it to post here. God love him for thanking the electricians/crew above everyone else!

Ridiculous stage door.

The merch people are the best. Case in point: Jen! She's awesome.

And my fellow ushers are pretty cool, too! Another Jen!

And this happened!!!

What’s that you say? You want more? No problem! I have more photos recapping last year to come so that I can then catch up on all my posts from this year. Yaaay!

Happy Weekend!


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