Playing Catch Up (pt. 2): Party party!

Me and Ryan on my Birthday at Glass House Tavern!

Some more of my favorite people helping me celebrate my Birthday:)

One of my favorite bartenders helping me ring in year 26!

Kristy and I at Vynl for another small Birthday celebration. I'm pretty luck to have so many great friends!

Julia, me, and Cocoa at the Cookie Exchange:)

The spread (which quickly expanded) at Greg's cookie exchange party! Nom nom nom!

Jerel joined me for my office Holiday party!

And this is my lovely coworker!

Allison's Holiday party. It was all sweets and wine. That's my kind of party!

Jen and Cocoa at Mattie's apartment for his Birthday shindig:)

Cocoa and the cat immediately formed a frenemyship that was priceless!

Birthday boy!

Kristy on her Birthday.....make a wish! Also, she made those cupcakes which were vegan and guess what? Delicious!

Me and my roomie at the Holiday party for my other job! And again there were sweets and wine. Maybe that's why I like Christmas so much;)

My favorite co-usher at the Holiday party:)


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