Playing Catch Up (pt. 3): Christmas Happenings

Almost done with last year!!!!

These pretty ladies came to visit me!

Me and Ashley on the train!

Me and Kayla on the city streets. No better place to be in December!

That would be my reflection in the bathroom mirror at Tiffany's. Because I'm just that cool.

Kristy and I did some sight seeing, too. That's the Rockefeller tree back there:) We seem to be making a bit of a tradition out of this. I think that's the best!

I did some ice skating!

And some crepe eating/hot chocolate drinking.

Me, Jerel, and Tamika on Christmas night. We celebrated with some silly faces and white wine.

We also walked around Astoria to see some of the Christmas lights. People get pretty festive considering most of them don't have front yards.

This is what my friends and I affectionately referred to as the inflativity. It was outside the Lutheran church around the corner from my apartment.

St. Thomas. That's where I went to Church on Christmas Eve day. It's a very pretty church. I highly recommend checking it out/attending a service there.

Inside St. Thomas before the service started. We weren't allowed to take photos during the actual service which I think was a good thing.

This is Alowishus. He was my Christmas present from my roomie Tamika. He's kind of a big deal.

This was my first Christmas not celebrating with my family (they came up for New Years so we just did our Christmas a little later) so I celebrated with some of my good friends in the mean time. In addition to what you see here I also went out to eat on Christmas Eve and had some delectable Mac ‘n cheese at Sweet Afton….one of my favorite Astoria spots:)

Of course there was a Home Alone 2 viewing and while Tamkia gave me Alowishus on Christmas Eve morning (pet shops aren’t open on Christmas day) there was also some gift exchanging and delish breakfast on Christmas morning.

I also made some killer Lasagna (my first time making it! Usually I’m just eating it) which Jerel joined Tamika and I for before we ventured out for some light viewing and white wine.

All in all it was a nice holiday. Different than what I’m used to but I still really enjoyed it. Christmas is my absolute favorite thing off all time ever.

My post about a belated Christmas/New Years with my family is coming your way to begin the blog posts I’m behind on for this year. Maybe I’ll be all caught up by this Christmas;)

Happy Wednesday!


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